Since its foundation in 2010, Les Récréations have set themselves apart by their thifor discovery that expresses itself through original programming that often honours unknown genius composers. This search brought its first fruits with their noted first disc with Raumklang (5 de Diapason). This recording is dedicated to trio sonatas by Johann Gottlieb Graun (1702-1771), a surprising German composer, contemporary of Bach’s sons. It has been favourably reviewed in Germany and France.

Today, the Ensemble directs its passion toward four voices chamber music. Rarer than trio sonata, it is however not to be confused with what was to become the classical quartet two generations later.  During the baroque era, the form is perfectly balanced, counterpointic  and allows for an exceptional richness of texture.

Still searching for a unique sound identity, the musicians chose to support this harmonic density by playing on instruments that are tuned according to the authentic baroque fashion, without compromise: gut strings, equal tension etc. Beyond the historicality, there is a conviction of an unheard sound quality: a repolarisation of the harmonic equilibrium toward the bass, the possibility of very dense grain, and between the four instruments, unparallel homogeneity.

Les Récréations have been invited by the festivals of Bach en Combrailles, La Matrice (Paris), Festival de Lanvellec, Festival de Ribeauvillé, Festival de Souvigny, Le Dernier Dimanche du Mois (Montreuil), Passe ton Bach d’abord (Toulouse), Frisson Baroque (Rentilly), Musique à Paray-le-Monial, au Kamerfest (Pristina) and also regularly perform in Switzerland (Basel, Zurich, Lucerne).

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